2Yr old Brangus and Ultrablack Bulls. Ex Mirage Plains Cunnamulla QLD
Brangus 03
Sire : QOUF670 at 6yrs. 37.5% Brahman.
Brangus 03
Milwillah K381 at 2yrs of age – 81.5% Angus, 18.5% Brahman
Brangus 04
Milwillah K400 at 2yrs of age- 81.5% Angus, 18.5% Brahman
Brangus 05
Milwillah K390 at 2yrs of age- 50% Angus, 50% Brahman

The Milwillah Ultrablack program was started 4-5 years ago and is still developing. We believe using the best attributes out of our best Angus females can be beneficial for this evolving breed.

Like our Angus cattle, structure and temperament, with an emphasis on clean sheath and carcass quality, are non-negotiables for our crossbreeding program.
We are progressing towards one stable herd of 50% Brahman-content females and another of 18.5% Brahman-content females.

Our foundation Brahman bulls are from Fenech’s Brahman Rockhampton, with early progeny being particularly pleasing.

The Brangus and Ultrablack cattle are run alongside, and compete with, 200 Angus bulls. We are seeing some real gains being made with eye-muscle area, fat cover and intra-muscular fat results.

All crossbred cattle will be grown out from 6 months of age and marketed out of ‘Mirage Plains’, Cunnamulla, QLD.

More info to come in the coming months … keep checking back! 

Brangus 06
Brangus 08
Brangus 10
Brangus 11
Brangus 07
Brangus 09
Brangus 12